21 Facts You Didn't Know About The 2018 iHeartRadio Fiesta Latina Lineup

Do you think you know everything about our 2018 iHeartRadio Fiesta Latina lineup? Here are some facts that you surely did not know about your favorite artists. Get ready for the party to return to Miami on November 3! Join the conversation with #iHeartFiesta.

1. Pitbull “graduated” from high school but didn’t actually have enough credits to graduate. He says his principal gave him a diploma so that he didn’t have to see the troublemaking teen for another year.

2. His stage name has a meaning. According to his biography, Pitbull: Mr. Worldwide, "The (Pitbull) dog is too stupid to lose. And they're outlawed in Dade County (Florida). They're basically everything that I am. It's been a constant fight."

3. He views his sharp-dressed wardrobe as more than a fashion statement—it shows an evolution and maturity that mirrors his musical career.

4. Born Nick Rivera Caminero, the nickname “Nicky Jam” was given to the Boston native by a homeless man.

5. He was discovered at the age of 11 by a woman in a supermarket who signed him to a label and recorded his first album. He admits the album wasn’t good, but local DJs became instant fans of his style.

6. The eagle tattoo on his neck signifies wisdom.

7. Steve Aoki’s musical career began in 1997, when he was the vocalist for a punk group called This Machine Kills. He was a member of the band until 2000.

8. His father is the founder of the Benihana restaurant chain and opened the first location in NYC in 1965.

9. He is a chess prodigy and started playing at the age of 4.

10. Farruko credits Myspace for helping launch his career in 2009.

11. He owns a clothing line called Carbon Fiber Music.

12. He believes Reggaeton is made for clubs, and anyone who is removed from that scene will fall behind in the genre.

13. Nacho broke up his group Chino & Nacho in order to spend more time with his wife and children.

14. Aside from signing to Universal Music Group for his solo endeavor, Nacho also signed an agreement to become a music executive and help search for new, blossoming talent.

15. He is also a political activist and in 2016 denounced the Maduro administration at the Venezuelan National Assembly, citing mass corruption.

16. Becky G got signed after posting a YouTube video of a cover of Jay Z and Kanye West's "Otis," Although many labels pursued her, she ended up going with Dr. Luke's Kemosabe Records.

17. Becky remixed Jennifer Lopez’s "Jenny From the Block" and even makes an appearance in the video.

18. She’s BFF with J Balvin.

19. Zion and Lennox's music career started in the 2000.

20. Zion’s legal name is Félix Ortiz and Lennox’s is Gabriel Pizarro.

21. Before getting into music, Zion was a concert promoter and Lennox worked as a ramp agent in an airport.

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