Meet Some of The First Responders To Be Recognized During Fiesta Latina

First Responders

This year, iHeartRadio Fiesta Latina: Celebrating Our Heroes will be recognizing the bravery and resilience of our first responders in the aftermath of the recent hurricanes and earthquakes that rocked Florida, Texas, Puerto Rico, Mexico and the Caribbean. 

Throughout the show, we'll be hearing their personal stories from serving their local communities during these natural disasters, and celebrate their heroism. In addition attendees and anyone watching/listening will have the opportunity to help too by donating to the American Red Cross and The Ricky Martin Foundation

Tune in to watch this year's iHeartRadio Fiesta Latina: Celebrating Our Heroes live on Telemundo on Saturday, November 4th at 8pm ET. The network will be airing the event LIVE as a four-hour television special. You can also watch via a livestream on iHeartRadio's YouTube channel, as well as listen during a live radio broadcast nationwide across iHeartMedia Spanish-Pop, Tropical, regional Mexican and Spanish Adult Hit radio stations.

Ahead of the show, take a look at a few of the stories of the heroism of some of these noble first responders. Warning: You may want to have a box of tissues nearby. 

A Miami 911 dispatcher who, over the phone, walked a man through the process of his 23-year-old girlfriend giving birth to their daughter during the height of Hurricane Irma

Imagine going into labor during a severe hurricane with no way to get to the hospital, or have any medical help to be able get to you? That was reality for 23-year-old Tatyana Watkins and her boyfriend David Knight. Knight had called 911 to see if any help could be sent to their home, but due to the high winds, emergency workers couldn't reach them. The dispatcher, Desiree Farrell, stayed on the phone with the couple to walk them through the delivery of their daughter, Destiny. She then conferenced in a doctor to help complete the procedure.

During iHeartRadio Fiesta Latina: Celebrating Our Heroes, baby Destiny, parents, and 911 Dispatcher Deseree will be reunited.


A Miami police officer who saved a 12-year-old boy's life as he was having a severe asthma attack, rushing him to the hospital during Hurricane Irma

During Hurricane Irma, it was difficult for emergency workers to help everyone in need due to the extremely severe conditions, and high volume of 911 calls. But thanks to one brave Miami police officer Daniel Mogro, a 12-year-old boy's life was saved. Danielle Stark's son was suffering a severe asthma attack during the hurricane, with his last words to his mother being "Mommy, I’m gonna die. I love you so much. I’m gonna die." Officer Mogro, who was on his way to another assignment, but quickly changed plans when he noticed the family in distress in their car. Turning on the sirens and helping to rush the young boy to the hospital where they had shut down the whole pediatrics section just to resuscitate him, the officer had helped to save his life. Stark calls Officer Mogro "a guardian angel" and "more than a hero. He is a blessing."


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