Brett Eldredge Makes Smarter Moves After Non-Smart Phone Stent

At the top of 2019, country crooner Brett Eldredge recognized the value of being present in the moment and unapologetically stepped back in time by trading his zippy iPhone for a 2002 LG flip phone. 

So, what’s life been like with a T9 text machine boasting a tiny megapixel camera?

In an interview with Cody Alan, the country star opened up about the experience saying that it has been a “gamechanger” for him artistically. “I’ve been taking Polaroids, and being more in the moment,” shared Brett. “And, it’s been really good for me creatively.”

Check out the quick clip below, to hear more from Brett on his brilliant takeaways and comical “non-smart” flip phone moments.

Photo Credit: Getty Images.