Carrie Underwood’s Official Baby Update

Backstage at the ACM Awards, Carrie Underwood gave Cody Alan a baby update.

Opening up about life with two children, Carrie shared that big brother Isaiah is taking his new role very seriously. “He is so proud!” shines the “Love Wins” singer.

Since Jacob’s arrival on January 21st, life has been whirlwind for the singer and her family as they’ve worked hard to balance new routines, plan for tour schedules, and find a little time to rest and relax together.

Isaiah has taken full responsibility for helping with his new brother. Carrie shared with Cody, “People will come over and he [Isaiah] just wants to show them “his baby.” He says, “My Baby! My Baby! Have you seen my baby? Where’s my baby?”

The Grammy award winner has not shielded her fans from her struggles of bouncing back post pregnancy. On March 19th, Carrie shared on Instagram, “I’m going to be honest, “bouncing back” after having Jacob has been much more difficult than after I had Isaiah and I’ve been pretty hard on myself lately…right now I make a promise to myself to start appreciating what my body CAN do and stop focusing on what it can’t…I love this body and all it has done and will continue to do!”

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Carrie will launch a new arena tour, The Cry Pretty Tour 360, on May 1 in Greensboro, NC, and will play 55 arenas across the U.S. and Canada. She will be joined on tour by special guests Maddie & Tae and Runaway June.

Photo Credit: Getty Images.