Maren Morris Debuts Powerful Music Video For “GIRL”

Maren Morris is holding her head high in her fierce female-focused music video which supports her powerful single, “Girl.”

Maren debuted a robust visualizer on Thursday (Jan. 23rd) that features multiple vignettes of challenging moments from the perspective of multiple women fighting to overcome challenging circumstances.

The intentional camera angles, show these women as faceless allowing the audience to witness these moments from the character’s perspective and "walking in their shoes" is not for the faint of heart.

Maren’s message is a powerful pep-talk, not only for women but for everyone. 

She recently shared with Cody Alan, “It’s tough to look in the mirror and be like, ‘I don’t like myself right now,’ and it is not going to be forever, but I don’t like myself today. We don’t always love everything that we do. We are not perfect. We are humans.”

Maren hopes that the personal healing she received while writing this song will also serve her fans. “No matter how hard it is, at this particular moment in time, it’s going to be ok…they’re not alone in their imperfection.” says the "My Church" singer.

Watch the video for "GIRL" above. 

Maren is set to kick off her ‘Girl: The World’ tour on March 9th in Chicago, Illinois, which will route to more than 40 cities across the US, Europe, and Australia. Cassadee Pope and Raelynn will trade opening support for selected dates over the extensive run of shows.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images. 

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