Garth Brooks Spills Big Plans for 2019 to Cody Alan

Garth Brooks spills his big plans for 2019 with  Cody Alan. 

may have taken a short break from touring, but with new music and excitement buzzing for his upcoming Notre Dame show, the entertainer tells Cody that he is officially back-in-action and ready to kick off 2019 with a new tour.

During a press conference held at the Country Music Hall Of Fame, Garth announced his plan to perform 10 energy packed concerts each year for a total of 3 years. The shows will be held at various stadiums around the country and each concert will be uniquely different.

Garth challenges fans to try and keep up by attending all 30 shows over the three-year run saying, "I'm going to challenge one person on this planet to come to all 30 shows."

The stadium show dates have yet to be announced, but the tour will be kicking off in the spring of 2019 with the first stops happening in St. Louis and Phoenix (Glendale). Tickets for the first 5 tour stops will go on sale before Christmas.

Listen to the video below for full details from the "All Day Long" entertainer.


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